Become a SOCCER Referee

2023 New Grassroots Soccer Referee Courses

all 2023 clinics are now closed

The 2024 license year starts July 1, 2023. Once the new year course work is ready, we can then begin scheduling the online and in-person courses.

On behalf of the Montana State Referee Committee, thank you for your interest in becoming a certified US Soccer Federation referee!  Without your help, soccer in Montana would not exist and we're sure you'll enjoy the experience, comradery, challenges, and rewards that refereeing can provide.

The US Soccer Referee Federation Grassroots Referee Course is specific to the competitive youth and adult game.  This is an entry-level course for new referees. 

The Grassroots course is $50 and you must be 13 years old at the time of registration.  Those 18 and over must be able to pass a background check and complete Safesport training. 

New courses are typically held in the early spring and early fall. 

Watch this video for a tutorial on the new referee registration system.

You MUST COMPLETE the online portion of the Grassroots Referee course before you will be given the option to register for one of the in-person clinics listed below. Most clinics will have a two-day cut-off period prior to the clinic date. Please contact us if you finish your online training after the cut-off date to see if there is space still available in the clinic. Clinics are first come first serve to those that complete the online work.

Below are the scheduled dates for the in-person part of the clinic

You may attend any clinic you would like after completing the onlne course.


In-Person Clinic



Beginner Grassroots Referee


Club & Organization Requests To Host Courses

Clubs or organizations that would like to host a new referee course in your area can register as an Association Representative and fill out the form available under the Administration tab. The SRC will review the request, and if approved, will find a referee mentor to lead the course.

Be aware that new referees cannot register for your approved clinic until they complete the online coursework linked to in the above section. If a clinic does not have six or more registrations within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the clinic may be postponed or canceled. Those that are registered would need to transfer to a different clinic location/date.

Step 1: Register as an Association Representative

Step 2:  Sign in to the Member Sign In

Step 3: Click Administration Menu and select Submit Clinic Request

Step 4: Complete Clinic Request Form

If you have a referee account, you cannot use the same Name or Email information to create an association account. Use something unique and we can change it after it's made if desired. You may make up information for birthday, gender, etc. No USSF-ID is needed.

Additional New Referee Resources and Links

There are a handful (but maybe more) websites that you'll want to familiarize yourself with as you navigate as a referee. All of them serve different functions or organizations. Sometimes assignments are sent offline or via text or email as well. - This is the Montana Soccer Referee Committee's main website, where we post as much referee information as we can. - This is MYSA's website that contains league information. Referees are independent of MYSA, but most of our matches are for the league. (OMS) - This is the SRC's in-state referee registration and learning system. This is where you'll start your coursework and return for recertification each year. - The Learning Center was created by U.S. Soccer to host nationwide courses and a place for all referees to see their license information. Some courses that we hold in OMS will point you to the Learning Center to complete, and you'll want to return back to OMS once complete. - Demosphere is where game assignments for MYSA matches are distributed through. Once you're a referee, this is likely the main place you'll go to see your games, set preferences, get paid, etc. - GotSport is an assignment platform that some clubs use it to assign local recreational games or tournament referees. - Arbiter Sports is another assignment platform that is commonly used. You may be sent a registration link by an assignor if you register to officiate a tournament. 

There may be other sites that assignors may have you register in (Arbiter, RefQuest, SportsConnect, etc.) Bookmark these login pages as you get them and if you have any questions, reach out.