Recertifying Referees


Each year, U.S. Soccer Federation referees must recertify to be eligible to officiate any U.S. Soccer sanctioned league/club matches, friendlies, or tournaments.  The registration period runs from July 1 to June 30th of the following year and registrations are valid until December 31st of the year certified.  (For example: if one certifies for 2023 on August 26th, 2022 their certification is valid until December 31, 2024.)   

Certifications may lapse for no more than 3 years before you are required to take a beginner referee course again.  If you have 5 or more years of past refereeing experience and your licenses lapse for 3 years, please contact us before signing up for a beginner course.

Please follow the steps below to ensure a smooth recertification process. 


The recertification course is all online.  There is no requirement for any in-person field sessions.  Once the State Referee Committee is notified of your recertification completion, a current year badge will be mailed directly to you.  Make sure the address entered into OMS and the US Soccer Learning Center is current and can receive USPS mail. Returned badges will be subject to a re-ordering fee.  

If you are 18+ years old you must consent to and complete an annual background check.  This background check is completely separate from any MYSA or coaching background check you may already have completed and they are non-transferable.

6. You may need to scroll down to find the Clinics section. Click on "Reserve Course" next to the 2024 Referee Recertification Course.

7. In the upper right, the fees will now be active for you to complete payment and begin the course.

8. Complete the payment process and pay via a Credit Card or Debit Card. (Check or Money Order is not accepted.)

9. You MUST agree to the background check in order to recertify if you are over 18.

10. Return to your main menu to access the online clinic lessons. You must do them in the order they are presented.  Some lessons may send you to the Learning Center to complete. These are required by US Soccer Federation to be completed in the LC. Be sure to return back to OMS once done.

11. Be sure to read all screens and prompts. 

12. Once completed you are certified to officiate in Montana. A badge will be mailed as soon as possible. It may take a week or so for your license to be reflected in the Learning Center.