Montana Futsal referees

Futsal is a growing sport similar to soccer that is typically played 5v5 indoors on a hard court surface with an out-of-bound goal and touch lines, smaller goals, and slightly modified Laws. It is different from "Indoor," where walls are typically present that the ball can be played off of. Both are fun to play; however, Futsal tends to be more like an outdoor game, requiring better passing and control to keep the ball in play.

There are typically one or two Futsal referees used for each game who travel the touchlines and stay out of the way of play. For the youth game, a single referee is normal. 

The game is growing here in Montana, with leagues forming and tournaments each year. US Soccer requires events that would like to be sanctioned to hire USSF-certified assignors and USSF Futsal-certified referees. Below are the instruction to register for and complete the online course. No in-person training is required at this time, and you do not need to be certified as an outdoor referee either, but it helps. 

FUTSAL - Laws of the Game 2022-2023 EN.pdf


Step 1: Start at OMS

All former Montana referees have been imported into OMS. DO NOT CREATE A NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION!

You may need to make a new account if you've never been a referee before.

6. At the top, click on Registration, then Register for Clinic / Fitness Test. 

7. Answer the top question and click on Referee-Futsal, New Registration, Futsal Referee.

8. Back on your Home or Dashboard screen, you'll now see the Futsal Referee clinic is now available to you. Click on Reserve Clinic. This will add the fees required to be paid to the right and activate the payment process.

(Screenshots are similar for other courses.)

9. You'll now have access to the Online Lessons on your dashboard. If you've already completed the safety courses, you'll be able to bypass those.

(Screenshots are similar for other courses.)

Advice: Let your local assignors know that you have completed the Futsal course once completed.