MYSA Game Report Form

Submitting Referee Game Reports

Referees with game reporter permissions will be responsible for submitting the game reports within 48 hours of conclusion of play. If the game was assigned through Demosphere, they can submit game reports by logging in to their Demosphere account and entering match details in a few simple steps from two different areas in their profile. If the assignment was by other means, talk to your assignor.

To submit Referee Game Reports:

2. On your Referee tab select Reports. 

3. Select the Assignments History report from the drop-down menu and click on the game number for any past games you have reporting permissions for to view the referee game report.

Note: If you do not have game reporting capabilities, there will be no editing options and simply a view-only display for game information. 

4. The game detail view will open. Input scores, attendance records for referees, any incident memo text, and if necessary, flag the game for review. An overview of the fields on the referee game report can be found below.

5. Once complete, click Save. 

Referees with game reporter permissions can create game reports directly from your Assignment Calendar. This is the same view and functionality that referees use when accessing their Assignment History Report to enter a game report. To submit a game report directly on your Assignments Calendar: