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The Montana Soccer Referee Committee would like to welcome you to the home for U.S. Soccer Federation Referees in the State of Montana.  The Montana Soccer Referee Program exists to help recruit, instruct, certify, assign, assess, mentor, improve and retain proficient soccer referees for all U.S. Soccer sanctioned Youth and Adult matches in the state.  We strive for the good of the game to maintain the highest standards of officiating, promote the game of soccer, and maintain the spirit of fair play among all participants.  

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July 1, 2023


This spring, all SRC's in the country converged in Chicago at the U.S. Soccer SRC Workshop where they learned about upcoming changes, gave and received feedback from our states and voted on some desired changes. One of those is that for the 2024 license year, the term "Grassroots Referee" will now be known simply as "Referee". You may still see the word "Grassroots" as it's filtered out of the content that was already produced.

March 2023

2023 MYSA Tournament Locations Announced

2023 Montana State Cup - Billings, MT - May 20-21 (Top 4 Premier Teams U13-U19) 

2023 Montana Cup - Helena, MT - June 9-11 (U13-U19 Open, Except State Cup Qualifyers)

2023 Montana Showcase Cup - Kalispell, MT - June 17-18 (U10-U12 | Self-Assign)

Visit the Montana Tournaments page for a full list of in/out-of-state tournaments.

February 2023

2023 NASO national officiating survey

The National Association of Sports Officials (NASO), through special funding representing, is excited to conduct the most comprehensive officiating study ever attempted. This anonymous survey is collecting more data than has ever been accessible before regarding sportsmanship, recruitment and retention, compensation, controversial issues in officiating, and a wide variety of topics highly valuable to the industry.

The last time an officiating survey of this magnitude was accomplished was in 2017 when more than 17,000 sports officials from all levels and all sports made their voices heard. For this new study to be successful, it absolutely must have the participation of as many dedicated officials and officiating administrators like you as possible. Click to complete the survey.

November 2022


Our 2nd annual Holiday Giveaway is here. Entry is simple, just recertify by December 24th for the 2023 season.

Complete details are available here.

July 2022

ifab circular 26 released - law 11 - offside 

Following a number of high-profile situations and based on the expectation that a player who is clearly in an offside position should not become ‘onside’ on all occasions when an opponent moves and touches the ball, The IFAB and FIFA, after discussions with football stakeholders, have clarified the guidelines for distinguishing between ‘deliberate play’ and ‘deflection’.

Read IFAB Circular 26 (Includes video examples.)


New Registration Platform - OMS

The SRC is happy to announce that we have partnered with Officials Management Systems (OMS) for the 2023 registration year. OMS doesn't fully replace the Learning Center, there will be a couple courses that must still be taken there each year, but we'll be able to supplement the content in the Learning Center with more tailored information for our Montana Referees. Links to OMS will be added shortly and emails will be distributed on how to register and get set up.