How Do I Find Games?

US Soccer Federation requires that all sanctioned games be assigned by a US Soccer Certified Assignor. This includes all US Adult Soccer Association, US Youth Soccer Association, and US Club Soccer games. Referees are considered independent contractors and thus can select which games you're willing to work, so long as they are offered to you through a certified assignor.

Communication about your availability and game level confidence with your local assignor is vital to making sure games are covered each weekend. Each league or tournament may use different assigning platforms or software so be sure to communicate with your assignor to make sure you have an account with the correct software and you are visible to them to assign. IT'S UP TO YOU TO DO THIS! It's not the assignor's job to chase you down to make sure you want games.

Visit the links below to find and contact your local assignor. Please reach out to the SRA or SYRA if you are having any issues.