Each year, US Soccer Federation referees must recertify with USSF to be eligible to officiate any USSF league, club, friendlies, or tournaments. The registration period runs from July 1 to June 30th of the following year and registrations are valid until December 31st of the year certified for. (For example: if one certifies August 26th 2020 their certification is valid until December 31, 2021.)

All referee classes, safety certifications, and background checks are all completed in the US Soccer Learning Center as of the 2020 license year.

Please follow the steps below to ensure a smooth recertification process. For How-To Videos visit the Learning Center Knowledge Base


Any former referee may re-certify as long as they have held a license within the last 3 years. Beyond 3 years you must sign up for a Beginner Grassroots Referee Course again.

The course is all online. There is no requirement for any in-person session. Once the State Referee Committee is notified of your recertification completion a current year badge will be mailed directly to you. Make sure the address entered into the Learning Center is current and can receive USPS mail.

If you are 18+ you must complete a US Soccer NCSI background check. This background check is completely separate from any MYSA or coaching background check you may already have completed and they are non-transferable. The cost is $30.00 plus fees and is valid for 2 years. This background check can take 7-10 days to complete. You may complete the re-certification course while the check is pending but your certification won’t be finalized until a clear result is returned.

The online recertification course is $40 and all Learning Center assignments must be completed in order to be approved to officiate for 2021.

Step 1: Enable Browser Cookies

In Chrome or Safari find your settings menu and under privacy and security, enable cookies. This ensures your progress throughout the course is saved.

Step 2: Log Into or Claim Learning Center Account

  1. Go to the US Soccer Learning Center.

  2. In the upper right corner either log-in or if you’ve never been to this site click “Sign Up”.

  3. When signing up, fill out the form using your current information. It’s recommended that you use the same email previously used on other systems as long as you have access to it. Do not use a school email address, they typically do not allow external emails.

  4. If the system recognizes you from your referee or coach profiles you will be asked to confirm your information.

  5. Please familiarize yourself with the information shown on your Profile and update any contact details and Relationships you may have.

The Relationships Tool enables you to select which Committees have access to your certification information.

Step 3: Submit Background Check

If you are 18+ years old you will need to submit for a US Soccer NCSI Background Check. The check is valid for 2 years and is $30 plus fees paid directly to NCSI during your registration. This is a requirement by the US Soccer Referee Federation and is separate from any other entity or coaching background checks performed by other groups or sports. If you turn 18 after re-certifying for the current year your certification will be suspended until the background check is performed.

Step 4: Sign Up for Recertification Course

Register for an online referee recertification course based upon your prior certification. Be sure to read all course information prior to registering to make sure you’re signing up for the correct course.

  1. Once registered for your course visit the “Classroom” Tab.

  2. Be sure to read all course information and visit the various tabs to familiarize yourself with the classroom. You’ll find additional downloads and links in the “Resources” tab you may need while taking the course.

  3. When ready, visit the “Assignments” tab and complete all requirements for your course. At various stages, you may receive completion emails however you are not certified until all assignments are completed. A badge will be mailed to you shortly after completion.

Step 5: Complete Safety Certifications

The below training courses must also be completed every year. The system will notify you via email if a certification lapses as you will no longer be approved until completed.

Step 6: Complete any Supplemental Recertifications

Instructors, Assignors and Mentors must also recertify yearly. Visit the Available Courses tab in the LC to register.